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Photo: Temple dragon
Kyoto 1998

Websites, programming, translations – contact me for free consultation.

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Due to a lot of translation work, programming has taken a back seat for a while, but there is always a bit of tinkering, since I'm hosting all of the services for my domain myself, including Bind, Nginx, mail server etc.

A few months ago, I finished Racheldebreuve.info – it's a business website I've made for a frame shop in France. It uses the Rails framework and includes a small content manager with SQLite backend, so Rachel can maintain the website all by herself.
My own website (the one you are reading) is programmed in Perl using an MVP framework called Mojolicious.

Another website I made in 2005 is based on a different technique: Primprenelle.biz. The setup is a bit odd – a tiny perl script bootstraps the site from an SQLite database, i.e. the actual Perl code is retrieved from the database at each page request, together with the content itself.